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icon Fellowship Program
icon MOU-IFES North Korean Studies Fellowship

The “MOU-IFES North Korean Studies Fellowship” is designed to provide fellowship support for 6 months or 1 year to scholars interested in conducting intensive research on North Korea and Korean Peninsula issues.

Managed by the Institute for Far Eastern Studies of Kyungnam University, this fellowship provides numerous programs for scholars including opportunities to work with prestigious experts on North Korean issues, attend special lectures by current and former government ministers and policy makers, and participate in academic exchange, expert workshops, and field trips, among other activities and events.

icon Program Outline
  • Special Lectures and Seminars for Individual Research Project
  • Cooperative Project with researchers/teams in the institute
  • Participation in Academic Programs related to North Korea and Korean unification

- Opportunity to attend/participate in program-related weekly seminars, field workshops, project presentations, and academic forums, among other events

icon Research Period: 6 months or 12 months
  • Please choose your research period; 6 months or 12 months.
  • The fellowship period approved by the IFES’s review committee may differ from applicants’ proposed schedule
  • Recipient of the fellowship grant should enter the Republic of Korea at least 15 days prior to the start of the program
  • In accordance with the Infectious Control and Prevention Act, all incoming foreigners, regardless of nationality, shall be subject to mandatory 14-day quarantine beginning on the date of entry
icon Applicant Eligibility
  • Foreign nationals who mainly work outside the Republic of Korea in the fields of North Korean studies and/or peace and Korean unification studies (including PhD candidates working on thesis, and postdoctoral researchers). Persons with work experience (including journalists, government officials, international development experts, etc.) and research agenda relevant to the promotion of peace on the Korean Peninsula will also be considered.
  • A PhD candidate (for scholars) or a person with over five years of experience in relevant fields.
  • The following qualifications will be given favorable consideration:
    • - Korean language proficiency
    • - previous contributions to academic journals and media
    • - previous presentations to academic conferences and seminars
    • - public sector work experience relevant to North Korean and Korean unification issues
icon Grant Amount
  • Living expenses (KRW 2,300,000 to 3,000,000/month)
  • Round-trip flight ticket (expense reimbursement)
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Settling-in allowance (KRW 1,000,000)