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Title Policy to Increase Food Production in the Kim Jong Un Era - Focusing on Livestock and Fisheries Policies
Category North Korea Studies
Year 2021
Written by

Ilhan, Kim writer

Date of Isste 2021.02.19


Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Policy to Increase Food Production in the Kim Jong Un Era
 1. Agricultural Policy: Policy to Increase Food Production to Solve Problems of Food Production and Consumption. 
 2. Livestock Policy: Strengthening Poultry Raising in 2020
 3. Fisheries Policy: Reconstruction of Fisheries and Encouraging Food Production
Ⅲ. Livestock Policy and Promotion Trends
 1. African Swine Fever and Changes in Livestock Policy
 2. Construction of Gwangcheon Chicken Factory
 3. Livestock Policy by Unit: Joint Livestock, Sideline Livestock, Individual Livestock
Ⅳ. Fisheries Policy and Promotion Trends
 1. Interruption and Impact of North Korea-China Trade
 2. Drive to Expand the Proportion of Fisheries in the Private Sector
 3. Fisheries Policy: Fishing Boat Fishery, Fish Farming, Protection of Fishery Resources
Ⅴ. Conclusion: Evaluation and Outlook
 1. Evaluation of Livestock and Fisheries Policies
 2. Changes in Market Price of Livestock and Fishery Products
 3. Prospects for the Future and Implications for Policy