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No. Title Catagory Year Author
50 Cover[1].jpg Policy to Increase Food Production in the Kim Jong Un Era - Focusing on Livestock and Fisheries Policies North Korea Studies 2021

Ilhan, Kim writer

49 data_07_cover[1].jpg A Study on Japan’s Postwar Defense Policy: Translation and Commentary of the Basic Documents Sourcebook 2021

Cho, Jin-goo writer

48 cover_inter37(1).JPG China-Korea Relations:1945-2020 International Relations 2021

Sang-Man Lee writer

이상숙 writer

문대근 writer

47 nk57_cover(1).png Economic management and law under Kim Jong-un’s regime North Korea Studies 2021

Seohwa Park writer

46 IFESNEWS-20201210.jpg State of Affairs on the Korean Peninsula:Assessment of 2020, Prospects for 2021 Sourcebook 2020

IFES,Kyungnam University writer

45 nk56_cover(1)(1).jpg The Impact of COVID-19 on the North Korean Economy North Korea Studies 2020

Cheon Woon Choi writer

44 표지(1).jpg Multi-layer Analysis and Understanding of False Information about North Korea North Korea Studies 2020

Kwan-Sei Lee etc. writer

43 20200228_bookcover_2(1).jpg South Korea-Japan Relations :Problems with South Korea-Japan Relations and How to solve them International Relations 2020

Kwan-Sei Lee etc. writer

42 20200228_bookcover(1).jpg US-China Relations:Problems with US-China Relations and How to solve Them (In Korean) International Relations 2020

Kwan-Sei Lee etc. writer

41 문헌집 표지 (1).jpg South Korea-Japan Relations Literature Review (In Korean) Sourcebook 2020

Jin-Gu Cho writer

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