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Title IFES Publishes Book on Past Ten Years of North Korea’s Economic Policies
Date 2021.04.08
Type [News]
The Institute for Far Eastern Studies of Kyungnam University is pleased to announce the publication of the book The Economic Policies of the Kim Jong Un Era – 101 Questions and Answers.
In general, the book (352 pages, in Korean) asks three basic questions about the North Korea economy: (1) What problems does the North Korean economy face? (2) What policies have been implemented to resolve these problems? (3) How well have these policies performed? From the three broad angles of ‘systems’, ‘mainstay industries’, and ‘science and technology’, the authors examine the last ten years of developments in the country’s economic policies under the Kim Jong Un leadership.
The publication includes a companion sourcebook (202 pages, English and Korean), which summarizes each chapter’s key assessments/findings in a reader-friendly Q&A format.
Table of Contents
Lee Kwan-Sei (The Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University)
Changes in North Korea’s Economic System over the Past 10 Years
Lee Young Hoon (SK Research Institute for SUPEX Management)
North Korea’s Mainstay Industries
Kim Soo Jung (Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade)
North Korean Science and Technology
Byun Hakmoon (Movement for One Korea Research Center for Peace and Unification)
North Korea’s Agriculture Sector
Kim Il Han (Dongguk University DMZ Peace Center)
North Korea’s Light Industry and State-run Commerce
Choi Eun Ju (Sejong Institute)
Construction in North Korea
Choi Dae Shik (Land and Housing Institute)
North Korean Trade
Choi Jangho (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy)
Choi Yoojeong (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy)
North Korea’s Market Commodity Prices and Currency Exchange Rates
Choi Ji Young (Korea Institute for National Unification)
Prospects and Tasks of North Korea’s ‘5-year National Economic Development Plan’
Lee Kwan-Sei (The Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University)
For further information about the publication, please contact the administration office (Tel: 02-3700-0700).