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Title International Academic Seminar on Korea-China Relations
Date 2021.04.06
Type [Event]
Title: “30 Years of Normalization of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and China: Win-Win Growth, Cooperation, and Tasks”
Date: 2021.03.31
Location: Peace Bldg., Grand Conference Room, Webinar

The Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University held an academic webinar on Korea-China relations on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.
This closed-door seminar explored the past 30 years of normalization of Korea-China diplomatic relations from the perspective of win-win growth, cooperation, and future tasks.
Dr. Lee Kwan-Sei, Director of IFES, delivered the opening remarks.
Session 1 was held under the title “International Order in East Asia and 30 Years of Normalization of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and China,” with four presentations delivered by invited scholars: (1) Lee Younghak (Research Fellow, KIDA) presented on “US-China Relations and the Korean Peninsula: Focusing on the North Korean Nuclear Issue”; Zhang Hui Zhi (Professor, Jilin University) on “Political and Economic Thoughts of Joining the CPTPP in China under the New Development Structure of ‘Double Cycle’”; (3) Bi Ying Da (Professor, Shandong University) on “Korea-China Relations in the US-China Strategic Competition: Achievements, New Challenges, and Directions for Development”; and (4) Lee Mingyu (Associate Research Fellow, Seoul Institute) on “Achievements and Tasks of the Normalization of Korean-China Diplomatic Relations in the 30 Years: From the Perspective of Korea.”
Discussion on the presentations was provided by Park Dong-hoon (Professor, Yanbian University), Changbae Seo (Professor, Pukyong National University), Chung Jae Hung (Research Fellow, Sejong Institute), and Han Xian Dong (Professor, China University of Political Science and Law), respectively.
Comprehensive discussion followed in session 2, which was moderated by Lee Sang-Man (Professor, IFES).
This seminar provided a forum for in-depth analysis and discussion of the international situation in East Asia from the perspective of US-China and South Korea-China relations ahead of the 30th anniversary of ROK-China normalization of diplomatic relations.