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Title Korea and World Politics, Vol.37, No.1 Published
Date 2021.04.02
Type [News]
Vol. 37, No. 1, 2021 (Spring)
Public Perception and Politics in Times of COVID-19

1. South Korea’s Response to COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis and Its Implications for The Relationship Between Citizens and Government: Focusing on Political Trust
/ Hyunjin Oh
2. Korean National Pride in the Era of COVID-19: The Influence of Government Performance and Voters’ Partisan Preferences
/ Jung-ah Gil
3. The Effect of Partisan Attitudes on the Evaluation of Responses to COVID-19
/ Jin Seok Bae
4. Public Perception on the Public Value of Care and State Roles for Care Justice during the COVID-19 Crisis
/ Sunkyoung Park & Hee-Kang Kim
5. Public Perception on the State Role Expansion during COVID-19 Crisis: Effects of Ideological Disposition, Personal Damage, and the Evaluation on the Government Performance and the Emergency Corona Relief Funds
/ Sunkyung Park & Jin-Wook Shin
6. COVID-19 Pandemic Policy Optimization between Health and Economy: South Korea in Comparative Perspective
/ Jung Kim

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