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Title Korea and World Politics, Vol.36, No.4 Published
Date 2020.12.31
Type [News]

Vol. 36, No. 4, 2020 (Winter)

1. What Democracy Do Koreans Prefer and Why?: Elite Democracy vs. Participatory Democracy
/ Bonhoon Koo, Jeonghoon Min & Youngho Cho
2. An Empirical Analysis of Determinants of South Korea’s Other Official Flows as Development Finance for Sustainable Development
/ Heon Joo Jung, Giyeong Beon, Sujung Nam & Eun Mi Kim
3. The Past, Present, and Future of the UN Command: Structure and Issues of the Debate
/ Hanbyeol Sohn
4. A Study of Perceptions of North Korean Issues according to Security Situation around the Korean Peninsula: Comparing on 2018 and 2019
/ Sung-Woo Lee
5. North Korea's Reception of Germany's Confederation Discourses in the 1950s and Ideas for Peaceful Coexistence on the Korean Peninsula
/ Tae-Kyung Kim
6. North Korean Strategy toward South Korea in the the Kim Jong-un era, 2018-2020
/ Kyungmo Ahn & Hyesuk Kang
7. The North Korean Strategic Choices in kim Jong-Un Era: The way of national prosperity and military power
/ Youngchul Chung