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Title 10th IFES Academy of Korean Unification Economy Completion Ceremony
Date 2020.12.14
Type [Event]
The Institute for Far Eastern Studies of Kyungnam University (Director Kwan-sei Lee) held the 10th IFES Korean Unification Economy Academy completion ceremony at IFES on Dec. 3, 2020.
The 10th IFES Academy was held every Thursday for 11 weeks from Sep. 17th to Dec. 7th, 2020.
In the program costisted of the following:
▲ COVID-19 and Outlook of the North Korean Economy
(Joohyun Kim, former CEO of Financial News )

▲ The Meaning and Evaluation of North Korea's Five-year Strategy for Economic Development
(Chanwoo Lee, Professor of Teikyo University)

▲ Changes in the Economic System in the Kim Jong-un Era and the Direction of Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation
(Eun-joo Choi, Sejong Institute)
▲ The Status and Prospects of Real Estate in North Korea
(Cheon Woon Choi, Assistant Professor of IFES)

▲ COVID-19 and Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Demand: Changes and Prospect
(Young-Hoon Lee, Research Fellow, SK Research Institute)

▲ Vision and Tasks of Exchange and Cooperation among Local Governments
(Han Joo Lee, President of Gyeonggi Research Institute)

▲ Current Status of Inter-Korean Relations and Direction of Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation
(In-young Lee, Minister of Unification)

▲ COVID-19, the Global Economy, and the Outlook for the Korean Economy
(Jong-Il You, Dean of KDI School of Public Policy and Management)

▲ Changes in Inter-Korean Relations and Prospects for Inter-Korean Exchanges and Cooperation
(Yeon Chul Kim, former Minister of Unification)

▲ Changes and Evaluation of the Kim Jong-un Regime's Strategic Routes for National Operation
(Kwan-Sei Lee, Director of IFES)