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Title Asian Perspective, volume 44, number 4 (Fall 2020) published
Date 2020.12.01
Type [News]
The issue is available online at the PROJECT MUSE database: http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/asian_perspective
Asian Perspective is published by Johns Hopkins University Press for the Institute for Far Eastern Studies of Kyungnam University.
For more information about the journal, please visit our journal’s homepage at https://www.press.jhu.edu/journals/asian-perspective

Asian Politics and Security
Domestic Political Drivers and Chinese Diplomacy: Xinjiang and Counter-Terrorism in South Asia - 561
Raj Verma
China’s Engagement with Latin America and Its Implications for Soft Balancing against the United States - 587
Hee-Yong Yang and Seungho Lee
Asia’s Democracy Puzzle: Five Uneasy Pieces - 617
Karl D. Jackson and Giovanna Maria Dora Dore
The Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in DisputedMaritime Areas: A Case Study of the South China Sea - 651
Hui Zhong
The Great War Analogy and the Sino-American Security Dilemma: Foreboding or Fallacious? - 677
Friso M. S. Stevens
Korean Unification
Korean Unification and the False Promise of Strategic Bargains with China - 701
Leif-Eric Easley
South Korea
The State After Neoliberalism: A Neo-Gramscian Perspective on South Korea’s Economic Reforms 1997–1998 - 725
Shinae Hong
Ecocide on the Mekong: Downstream Impacts of Chinese Dams and the Growing Response from Citizen Science in the Lower Mekong Delta - 749
Nguyen Minh Quang and James Borton
Book Review Essay
Bad Memories and IR - 767
Walter C. Clemens, Jr