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Mission Statement

The Institute for Far Eastern Studies (IFES), Kyungnam University is a research-oriented think tank with a unique approach.
Founded in 1972, IFES promotes peace and the unification of Korea through scholarly contributions focusing on the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia.
  • Although the Institute fundamentally deals with international relations, and its effects on Korea, we are also concerned about advancing the quality of life. Thus, we are eclectic in our research activities, also investing in such issues as the rule of law in Korea, the welfare of North Korean defectors living in South Korea, as well as fostering an entrepreneurial spirit toward North Korea.

The IFES is primarily engaged in the following activities

  • Research projects on issues concerning North Korea, the unification of the Korean peninsula, and East Asian affairs.
  • Organizing and sponsoring seminars, workshops, conferences, and lectures by Korean and foreign scholars.
  • Publishing original and translated works in Korean and foreign languages.
  • Providing research and library facilities for scholars and students working in Asian and international affairs.