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Korea and World Politics

Korea and World Politics
Volume Korea and World Politics, Vol.35, No.2
Date of Isste 2019.06.30
ISBN 1225-3006


1.Voter Perception on Party Label Change and Party Identification in Korea [pp.1-35]
JeongHun Han(Seoul National University)
2.Persistence and Change of Regional Cleavage at the 19th Presidential Election [pp.37-73]
Kwang-Il Yoon(Sookmyung Women's University)
3.An Analysis of Campaign Pledge in 2018 Superintendent Election [pp.75-111]
Hyun-Jin Seo(Sungshin Women's University)
4.A Study of Anti-Japanese Nationalism in Korea: Changes in the Characteristics of Discourse on Anti-Japanese Nationalism [pp.113-147]
Jaeho Jeon(Institute of Glocal Political Thought in Korea, Sogang University)
5.The Domestic Politics of North Korean Nuclear Development in Kim Jong-un Era: Politics of Legitimacy and Nuclear Nationalism [pp.149-182]
Young-im Jo(ROK Air Force)
Kyungmo Ahn(Korea National Defense University)
6.Shifting U.S. China Policy and Sino-U.S. Trade Dispute [pp.183-212]
Ji-Yong Lee(Keimyung University)
7.Institutionalization of Elite Politics in China: Case Studies on the Introduction of Age Limit and Democratic Recommendation System [pp.213-240]
Young Nam Cho(Seoul National University)