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Summer Studies Program in Korea

  • The Summer Studies Program in Korea (SSPK) is set up to support scholars who live and live and work outside Korea but wish to conduct research relevant to the Institute’s agenda inKorea.
  • Based on merit. three to five scholars are selected annually. Those selected to take part are provided with room and board. office facilities and other necessary resources and are expected to devote themselves full-time to their research.

IFES will provide the following :

  • Room and board within the Institute
  • Computer access time
  • Access to the library and its facilities
  • If interested, please send a curriculum vitae and research statement.
  • All materials should be in English.
  • We accept applicants year round.
  • Send all applications to yhk0917@kyungnam.ac.kr (Tel: 82-2-3700-0736)
program_list List
No. Title Name
13 SSPK Scholars - 2019

Shreya Singh


12 SSPK Scholars - 2018

Eunsung Cho

11 SSPK Scholars - 2017

Yangmo Ku

Edward Goldring

B.G. Muhn

10 SSPK Scholars - 2016


Yangmo Ku

Gianluca Spezza

9 SSPK Scholars - 2015


Kevin Gray

8 SSPK Scholars - 2014

Yangmo Ku

Quan Xinzi

Li Meihua

7 SSPK Scholars - 2013

Sandip Mishra

Shine Choi

Youngwook Yoo

6 SSPK Scholars - 2012

Turtogtoh Janar

Steve Chung Lok-wai

Ming Lee

5 SSPK Scholars - 2011

Yong-soo Eun

Seung-young Kim

Abdul Knowles

4 SSPK Scholars - 2010

Dongmin Lee

Sabine Burghart

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