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Senior Advisor

  • KIM, Ko-Joong, Senior Advisor (President, KCP Business Counsulting Inc.)

Washington, D.C. Office

  • MORROW, Daniel, Senior Advisor (George Washington University, Ph.D. in Economics)
  • CHOI, C.Y., Representative (George Washington University)

Research Fellows

  • KIM, Keun-Sik (Professor, IFES)
  • KOO, Kab-Woo (Professor, IFES)
  • LEE, Woo-Young (Professor, IFES)
  • OUELLETTE, Dean (Researcher, IFES)
  • RYOO, Kihl-Jae (Professor, IFES)
  • YANG, Moo-Jin (Professor, IFES)

Affiliated Research Fellows

  • BAE, Jong-Ryul (Researcher, The Export-Import Bank of Korea)
  • BAEK, Ok-Dong (Chief Director, Kaesong Industrial District)
  • DONG, Myung-Han (Director of Center for Inter-Korean Cooperation, Small Business Corporation)
  • JANG, Hyung-Su (Professor, Hanyang University)
  • KIM, Yoo-Hyang (Research Fellow, National Assembly)
  • LEE, Jong-Moo (Director for Center for Peace and Sharing, North Korea Channel for Development and Relief)
  • LEE, Chong-Wook (Director for Office of Management & Planning, Korea Research Foundation)
  • LIM, Gang-Taeg (Presidential Committee on Northeast Asian Cooperation Initiative)
  • PARK, Christian J (Academy of Korean Studies)
  • PARK, Dong-Ho (Director for Inter-Korean Cooperation, The Export-Import Bank of Korea)
  • PARK, Hyung-Jung (Researcher, Korea Institute of National Unification)
  • PARK, Kyung-Sub (Hyundai Asan Corp.)
  • PARK, Yun-Han (Head of Inter-Korea Trade Team, Korea International Trade Association)

Affiliated Legal Experts

  • CHONG, Jong-Sub (Professor, Seoul National University)
  • HAN, Myung-Sub (Attorney, JANG & HAN Law Firm)
  • JUNG, Eung-Ki (Attorney, SHIN & KIM Law Firm)
  • KANG, Doo-Yong (Director for International Affairs, ICNK, J.D.)
  • KWON, Eun-Min (Attorney, KIM & CHANG Law Firm)
  • LEE, Chul-Soo (Professor, Ewha Women's University)
  • LEE, Eric Y.J. (Professor, Dongguk University)
  • LEE, Sang-Chul (Government Legislative Officer, Ministry of Government Legislation)
  • PARK, No-Hyoung (Professor, Korea University)
  • YOO, Wook (Attorney, BAE, KIM & LEE Law Firm)