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Title International Online Conference on North Korea International: (Re)Evaluating, (Re)Viewing, and (Re)Connecting in a COVID World
Date 2020.10.07 ~ 2020.10.07
Subject North Korea International: (Re)Evaluating, (Re)Viewing, and (Re)Connecting in a COVID World
Organizer IFES, FNF
Place YouTube Online Broadcasts (Wednesday, October 7, 2020 13:45 ~ 17:00)
Session Title
Time : 13:45~14:00
Subject : Opening
Presentation : Welcoming Remarks

Kwan Sei Lee(Director, IFES)

Opening Remarks

Christian Taaks(Head, FNF Korea Office)

Session Title
Time : 14:00~15:30
Subject : North Korea International: Re-evaluating Relations and Sanctions
Moderator :

Jihwan Hwang(Associate Professor, University of Seoul)

Presentation : Reassessing Relations and Diplomacy with North Korea in a COVID-19 World: Challenges and Prospects

Kim Tae-Kyung(SSK Research Professor, University of North Korean Studies)

Kab-Woo Koo(Professor, University of North Korean Studies)

Adapting Sanctions: Blocking Bad Behavior, Facilitating Cooperation

June Park(Next Generation Researcher, National Research Foundation of Korea)

Inter-Korean Relations in a COVID World: Re-evaluating Policy and Prospects

Leif-Eric Easley(Associate Professor, Ewha Womans University)

North Korea and the World: Redefining the Role for Europe

Tereza Novotna(Senior Associate Research Fellow, EUROPEUM/Free University Berlin)

Session Title
Time : 15:40~17:00
Subject : (Re)Viewing North Korea to Build the Foundation for Future Exchanges
Moderator :

Dean J. Ouellette(Vice Director, IFES)

Presentation : Resetting Humanitarian Engagement with North Korea?: Lessons from History

Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings(Associate Director, Centre for Humanitarian Leadership at Deakin University)

North Korea Online: (Re)connecting through ICT with North Korea?

Hayun Kang(Executive Director, Division of International Cooperation Research, Korean Information Society Development Institute)

National Parks, Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation in North Korea: Opportunities for International Collaboration

Christopher McCarthy(Visiting Research Fellow, IFES)

Lessons for Working in North Korea: Sharing Situational Experience

James Banfill(Visiting Research Fellow, IFES)