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Title The 47th Anniversary of IFES, the 30th Anniversary of the University of North Korean Studies
Date 2019.09.23 ~ 2019.09.23
Subject Joint Commemoration of the 42nd Anniversary of Asian Perspective
Organizer IFES, UNKS
Place Jungsan Hall, IFES/UNKS


 On-site registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. on September 23.
 Simultaneous interpretation will be provided (Korean/English).
Session Title
Time : 09:30~10:00
Subject :
Moderator :

Young Soo Yu(Professor University of North Korean Studies)

Opening Session
Session Title
Time : 10:00~10:30
Subject :
Presentation : Opening Remarks

Jae Kyu Park(President, Kyungnam University)

Keynote Speech

Yeon Chul Kim (Minister of Unification, ROK)

Photo Session
Session Title
Time : 10:30~10:40
Subject :
Session I
Session Title
Time : 10:40~12:30
Subject : Changes in East Asia and the Future of the Korean Peninsula
Moderator :

Su-Hoon Lee(Professor Kyungnam University)

Discussion :

Carla P. Freeman(Executive Director, the Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute)

Masao Okonogi(Professor Emeritus, Keio University)

Jingyi Jin(Professor, Peking University)

Alexander Zhebin(Director, Center for Korean Studies of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Session II
Session Title
Time : 14:00~16:00
Subject : The Challenges and Prospects of North Korean Studies
Moderator :

Moon-Soo Yang(Vice President, University of North Korean Studies)

Presentation :

Young Soo Kim(Professor, Sogang University)

Woo Young Lee(Professor, University of North Korean Studies)

Discussion :

Hoyoung Ahn (President, University of North Korean Studies)

Wan Kyu Choi(Chair Professor, Shinhan University; Former President of University of North Korean Studies)

Sun Song Park(Professor, Dongguk University)

Dae Seok Choi(Executive Vice President for External Affairs, Ewha Womans University)

Ho Yeol Yoo(Professor, Korea University)