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Title International Conference on North Korea's 'Jangmadang' New Generation
Date 2015.06.23 ~ 2015.06.23
Subject North Korea's 'Jangmadang' New Generation: Who Are They and What Is Their Impetus for Change?
Organizer IFES
Sponsor NED (National Endowment for Democracy), UNKS
Place Jungsan Hall, IFES/UNKS, Seoul, Korea



Analysis of North Korean society has been framed in a number of ways, including political understandings of the regime, anthropological interpretations of the way political power sustains, and sociological understandings of the relationship between the state and the people. The dominance of these perspectives has tended to cast North Korean society and culture in a conventional domain, largely paying attention to the DPRK regime and its unique political power. But what about the people less noticeable from the political system, especially those who can be referred to as the ‘new generation’ in North Korean society?
With this in mind, the Institute for Far Eastern Studies (IFES) of Kyungnam University, together with the generous support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is holding an International Conference entitled North Korea’s ‘Jangmadang’ New Generation: Who Are They and What Is Their Impetus for Change? This conference brings together researchers, writers, scholars and experts from academic institutions and civil society groups to assess the North Korean ‘new generation’ and their roles in the ‘jangmadang’ (informal markets) in the context of North Korea’s transformation. In addition, we look to examine briefly the experiences of North Korea’s neighbor, China, with regard to its millennials and the country’s economic transition, and also identify opportunities for the international community to engage in a meaningful way with this demographic of North Korean society.
We cordially invite you and look forward to your presence at what we hope will be an informative, interactive, and productive event.

Dae-Kyu Yoon
Director, IFES
Opening Session
Session Title
Time : 13:30-13:50
Subject :
Presentation : Welcoming Address

Dae-Kyu Yoon(Kyungnam University Seoul campus)

Congratulatory Remarks

Hye-young Won (Chairman, National Assembly’s Special Committee for the Development of Inter-Korea Relations, Exchange and Cooperation)

Session 1
Session Title
Time : 14:00-15:45
Subject : North Korea’s ‘Jangmadang’ New Generation: Current Status of Change and Outlook
Moderator :

Ok-Nim Chung(President, North Korean Refugees Foundation)

Presentation : Who Are the ‘Jangmadang’ New Generation in North Korea?

Sung-Kyung Kim(Prof. of University of North Korean Studies)

North Korean Market Development and ‘Jangmadang’ New Generation

In Ho Park(President, Daily NK)

North Korea’s New Generation and the Future of the North Korean Regime

Sokeel Park (Director of Research & Strategy, LiNK)

Discussion :

Gwinam Noh(Research Fellow, Northeast Asian Micro-Social Institute)

Soo-Jung Lee (Professor, Duksung Women’s University)

Dong-wan Kang (Professor, Dong-A University)

Session 2
Session Title
Time : 16:00-17:10
Subject : New Generation and Transition Economies: China and North Korea
Moderator :

Mimi Miryung Kim (Executive Director, EU-Korea Policy Centre, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Presentation : Chinese Youth in China’s Economic Transition: Changing Behaviors and Values

Eric Fish(Writer, Asia Society in New York)

Chinese Interaction with North Korea’s New Generation through Tourism

HaiFeng Man (Director & Professor, Korean Peninsula Institute, Eastern Liaoning University)

Discussion :

Eun-Ha Yoo(Professor, Hanshin University)

Jong-woon Lee (Professor, Far East University)

Session 3
Session Title
Time : 17:10-18:20
Subject : North Korea’s New Generation, Education and Role for the International Community
Moderator :

Mimi Miryung Kim(Executive Director, EU-Korea Policy Centre, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Presentation : Higher Education and Exchange: Interacting with North Korean Youth

Dong Hoon Ko (Vice President, Pyongyang University of Science & Technology)

The Evolution of Education in the DPRK since 2000: International Cooperation, Elite Training and the Role of IT

Gianluca Spezza (Director of Research, NK News)

Discussion :

Seungjoo Cha (Professor, Jeonju National University of Education)

Dean Ouellette(Professor, IFES)