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Title Korea and World Politics, Vol.36, No.3 Published
Date 2020.09.29
Type [News]
1. Participation Issue of Korea to the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan
/ Byung Joon Jung
2. San Francisco Peace Treaty: Construction of Hierarchy in US-Japanese-Korean Relations
/ Wookhee Shin
3. Korea-Japan Cold War Begins in San Francisco Peace Treaty: Article 4 as its Origin
/ Kijeong Nam
4. Changes in the Perception of Architectural Heritage from the Colonial Period and Anti-Japanese Nationalism in Korea: From Remnants of Japanese Colonial Rule to a Modern Cultural Heritage
/ Jaeho Jeon
5. The Effects of Political Conflicts on Bilateral Economic Relations between South Korea and China in the Process of the THAAD Deployment
/ Jiyeoun Song
6. Changes in China-North Korea and China-South Korea Relations and Establishment of a Peace Regime on the Korean Peninsula after the Summit between North Korea and the United States in Hanoi
/ Jaeyoung Lee

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