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Title 9th IFES Academy of Korean Unification Economy Completion Ceremony
Date 2020.07.27
Type [Event]

The Institute for Far Eastern Studies of Kyungnam University (Director Kwan-sei Lee) held the 9th IFES Korean Unification Economy Academy completion ceremony at IFES on July 16, 2020.
Despite the difficulties caused by the Corona-19 pandemic, all of the 25 students participated with enthusiasm and were issued certificates.
The 9th IFES Academy was held every Thursday for 11 weeks from May 7th to July 16th, 2020.
In the program costisted of the following:
▲Strategies and Directions for Post-Corona Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation (Minister of Unification Kim, Hyun Chul 5.7)
▲Corona-19 variables and changes in North Korea's economic development strategy (Lim, Eul-chul IFES, Kyungnam University 5.12)
▲Corona-19 Pandemic and the World/Korea Economic Paradigm Shift (You Jong-il, KDI Graduate School of International Policy, 5.19)
▲The impact of Corona-19 on the North Korean market (Lee Sang-Yong, CEO of Daily NK, 5.26)
▲North Korean economy under sanctions (Lee Jong Seok, Senior Research Fellow, Sejong Research Institute/Former Minister of Unification, 6.4)
▲Focus (1): Tourism (Oleg Kiriyanov Research Fellow, Moscow National University, 6.11)
▲Focus (2): Construction (Kim Byung-Suk, Chairman of the Special Committee for North-South Infrastructure, Korea Institute of Construction Technology, June 18)
▲Focus (3): Science and Technology (Choi Hyun-Kyu, Chairman of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, 6.25)
▲Focus (4): Development of the border region in North China (Bae Sung-ho, Professor, Chosun Peninsula Research Institute, Yanbian University, China)
▲How North Koreans and businesses survive and develop (high-level North Korean defectors, 7.9)
▲The Kim Jong-un regime's national operational strategy changes (Lee Kwan-Sei Director of the IFES, Kyungnam University,7.16)
The IFES intends to organize new educational programs to open the 10th Academy in the second term of this year.