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Title Korea and World Politics, Vol.36, No.2 Published
Date 2020.06.30
Type [News]

<<Korea and World Politics, Vol.36, No.2 (Summer)>>

1. The Effects of the Online Environment on Audience Cost Mechanism
/ Jaehak Kim(Yonsei Institute for North Korean Studies), Yiyeon Kim(Kyonggi University)
2. Designing the Middle Power Theory: The Structural Approach and South Korea’s Middle Power Politics
/ Kil Joo Ban(Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy)
3. Japan’s ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific’ Regional Strategy in the Abe Era
/ Eunil Cho(Korea Institute for Defense Analyses)
4. 4.Why Does China Fail to Control Covid-19 at the Earlier Phase?
/ Young Nam Cho(Seoul National University)
5. Democratic Intelligence in the Digital Age: A Theoretical Reconsideration of Representative Government
/ Jung Kim(Prof. of University of North Korean Studies) 

Visit the link below for PDFs of these articles.