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Title [Report] NORTH KOREA: FAKE NEWS (and How to Avoid It)
Date 2020.05.12
Type [News]

The production and dissemination of fake news about North Korea — which recently spiked on unsubstantiated reporting of North Korean chairman Kim Jong Un’s ill health and possible death — can have serious negative impacts. The recent situation does, however, provide an opportunity for us to examine how groups that deal with North Korean information should respond to regain public trust.
Recognizing and reflecting on this situation, the IFES has prepared a comprehensive report on the current incident of ‘fake news’ about North Korea and its leader. We hope this report will serve as a reference to understand the production-propagation-amplification of false information related to North Korea, its harmful effects, and what can be done to prevent such a situation’s recurrence. It is hoped that measures will betaken to increase the credibility of the government, the National Assembly, the news media and experts. Ultimately, North Korea-related information should be analyzed scientifically and shared sensibly in order to strengthen the driving force for North Korea policy and help the denuclearization and peace processes on the Korean Peninsula.
The report comprises five assessments (in Korean) and a 31-page summary (Korean and English).
Ⅰ. Examples of the Dissemination of Fake News about North Korea:An Analysis and Evaluation
    Kwan-Sei Lee (Director, IFES)
Ⅱ. A Psychological Analysis of the Spread of Fake News
    HyungJong Lee (Professor, IFES)
Ⅲ. The Societal Impact of Fake News Concerning North Korea and How to Respond
    Woo Young Lee (Professor, UNKS)
Ⅳ. The Impact of Fake News about North Korea on National Security and We Should Respond
    Dong-Yub Kim (Professor, IFES)
Ⅴ. The Desirable Role and Attitude of Members of the Media and Experts
    Eul-Chul Lim (Professor, IFES)

 ※ E-mail: ifes@kyungnam.ac.kr
 ※ Full version: http://ifes.kyungnam.ac.kr/kor/PUB/PUB_0106V.aspx?code=PRI200511_0001

 ※ Please note that the report is primarily based on the authors’ personal views and does not represent the official position of IFES.