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Title Kyungnam University selected as '2020 Regional Unification Education Center' for the Yeongnam.
Date 2020.04.23
Type [News]
Kyungnam University announced on April 17, 2020 that it was selected as the agent to manage the Ministry of Unification’s '2020 Regional Unification Education Center' project for the Yeongnam region.
The “Regional Unification Education Center” is a project undertaken to promote unification education by selecting local organizations that possess the will and competence to conduct unification education.
Kyungnam University is a unification education center for the Yeongnam area. It provides such education in 5 areas through a variety of educational programs and by establishing an educational platform that is on par with the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this way it intends to strengthen regional unification capabilities and expand governance for social unification education.
In particular, KU announced that it will provide open education opportunities for autonomous and flexible access and participation in unification education via various systems including cyber systems.
Also, through this reorganized and expanded project, Kyungnam University will become a regional unification education hub and play an important role in establishing regional governance for forming social consensus on unification education. It will endeavor to make unification education that residents and society create together.