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Title 132nd IFES International Scholars Invitational Seminar Held (2020.02.14)
Date 2020.02.28
Type [News]

IFES, Kyungnam University (Director Kwan Sei Lee) held the 132nd International Scholars Invitational Seminar on the morning of Friday, February 14, 2020 in the Pyonghwa Kwan Grand Conference Room.
At the seminar, in which IFES Professor Dong-Yub Kim served as the moderator, Sangsoo Lee, Head of the Stockholm Korea Center at the Institute for Security and Development Policy in Sweden, gave a presentation titled, “The State of the Korean Peninsula from the Korean Perspective and the Role of Sweden.” 
In the presentation, he explained the role of Sweden as a mediator between the United States and North Korea, focusing on the US-North Korea working-level talks which were held in Stockholm in October, 2019. He also shared his opinions regarding the future prospects of US-North Korea nuclear negotiations.