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Title Cold War History Workshop: Science, Remembrance, and System of the Cold War (2020.02.06)
Date 2020.01.29
Type [Event]
Cold War History Workshop:
Science, Remembrance, and System of the Cold War
- Time: Thursday, February 6, 2020, 10:00 - 18:00
              Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 9:30 - 11:30
- Place: Grand Conference Room, Pyonghwa Kwan, IFES, Kyungnam University
- Host: IFES, Kyungnam University; The Wilson Center
- Organizer: The Korean Association of the Cold War Studies
*Presentation will be conducted in Korean.

- Program
<February 6, 2020>
Time Description
10:00 Opening Address Kwan-Sei Lee (IFES)
Congratulatory Message Christian Ostermann (Wilson Center)
First Session: The Cold War & Science and Technology and Energy Warfare
Moderator: Jong Dae Shin (University of North Korean Studies)
Presentation 1 Seong-Jun Kim
(National Museum of Korean Contemporary History)
The Sociotechnical System of Nuclear Technology: The Case of 1950-70’s Korea
Presentation 2 Jeong-ha Lee
(Seoul National University)
Oil, the Dollar, and the Collapse of the USSR
Presentation 3 Won-seon Cho
(Korea Military Academy)
The US’s Asia-Pacific Strategy and Energy Security during the Cold War
Discussion Young Joo Lee (UNIST), Kyung Deok Roh (Ewha Woman's University), Yong Choi (Korea Military Academy)
Second Session: The Formation of the Lines of Division
and a Culture of Remembrance
Moderator: Won-Dam Paik (Sungkonghoe University)
Presentation 1 Wonkeun Chun (Sookmyung Women's University) The Formation of the Border Region Strategic Hamlet in the 1960-70’s and the Cold War Landscape in Cheorwon
Presentation 2 Yeong-shin Jeong (Catholic University of Korea) Modern Paju, Born from Division: Centered on the Formation of City Infrastructure and Local Community
Presentation 3 Young Hoon Song (Kangwon National University) Criticism of the Goseong DMZ Museum’s Exhibits on the Cold War and Division
Discussion Seong-hyeon Kang (Sungkonghoe University), Kim Min-hwan (Hanshin University), Young-Sun Jeon (Konkuk University)
17:00 Dinner
< February 25, 2020>
Third Session: The Formation of the San Francisco System
Moderator: Myongsob Kim (Yonsei University)
Presentation 1 Wook Hee Shin (Seoul National University) The Treaty of San Francisco: The Hierarchy of US-Korea-Japan Trilateral Relations
Presentation 2 Byung Joon Jung
(Ewha Woman's University)
The Issue of Korea’s Participation in the Treaty of San Francisco and the Process of its Exclusion
Presentation 3 Ki Jeong Nam
(Seoul National University)
The San Francisco System and Korea-Japan Relations: The Origin of the Cold War between Korea and Japan
Discussion Heesik Choi (Kookmin University), Seok-Woo Lee (Inha University), Yong-Il Moon (IFES, Kyungnam University)