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Title Korea and World Politics, Vol.35, No.4 Published
Date 2020.01.09
Type [News]
1. Homeland Politics of North Korean Migrants in the U.K.     [pp.1-37]
   - Soo-Jung Lee(Duksung Women's University) 
2. Evaluation of Korean Military's Participation in the UN Peacekeeping Operations and Extended Suggestions: Focusing on Mandate Institutionalization and Satisfaction     [pp.39-71]
   - Soonhyang Park(KIPOCENT, Korea National Defense University) 
3. Implications for Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula Reflected from Angolan Conflict's Solution Process     [pp.73-104]
   - JeongKi Kim(Ph.D., Kyungnam University) 
4. Middle Powers' Health Diplomacy in the Emerging Stage: Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, and Korea     [pp.105-139]
   - HanSeung Cho(Dankook University) 
5. The Politics of the Candlelight Protest: Micro Analyses, Macro Claims, and Multi-level Comparative Studies     [pp.141-169]
   - Jai Kwan Jung(Korea University) 
6. The 2019 Hong Kong Protests and (Re)actions of the Chinese Government     [pp.171-194]
   - Youngsoo Yu(University of North Korean Studies) 

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