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Title Global Hanma 2019 Visits IFES
Date 2019.08.20
Type [News]
Date: Aug. 14, 2019
Venue: IFES, Jeongsan Hall

80 foreign students who participated in 'Global Hanma 2019' visited IFES on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 a program for overseas students from sister universities from around the world organized by Kyungnam University.

The Global Hanma Program has been held every year since 1996 with the goal of inviting students from sister universities overseas to Kyungnam University and to interact with the students of Kyungnam University during the summer break. This year's Global Hanma Program attracted 80 students from 24 universities in eight countries, including China, Taiwan, Mexico, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

Participants in the Global Hanma 2019 program toured our institute after Kyungnam University Vice-President Jeong-jin Park's welcome message. The group also toured North Korea archives and watched the promotional video of the Institute.