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Title 64rd Unification Strategy Forum Scheduled for Aug 8, 2019
Date 2019.08.06
Type [Event]
 64th Unification Strategy Forum
Date: Aug.8, 2019
Theme: South Korea-Japan Relations: How Should We Resolve This?
Venue: IFES, Grand Conference Hall

□ Program
13:30~14:00 Registration  
14:00~17:00 Moderator/Presenter LEE Su-hoon  Professor, Kyungnam University (Former ROK Ambassador to Japan) 
Roundtable KIM Min-seok Minjoo Party of Korea, Vice-Chair of Special Action Committee for Japan’s Economic Aggression
GIL Yun-hyung The Hankyoreh, Tokyo Correspondent
LEE Won-deok Professor, Kookmin University 
JEONG Hye- kyeong  Ph.D. History (Former Investigation section chief of Commission on verification and support for the victims of forced mobilization under Japanese colonialism in Korea)
CHO Jin-gu Professor, IFES of Kyungnam University 
NAM Sang-gu Director of Institute on Korea-Japan Historical Issues of Northeast Asian History Foundation
17:00~17:30 Q&A/ General Discussion