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Title IFES holds the 63rd Unification Strategy Forum with the theme "Prospects for US-DPRK Relations and Directions for Inter-Korean Relations"
Date 2019.07.26
Type [News]

IFES held the 63rd Unification Strategy Forum with the theme, "Prospects for US-DPRK Relations and Directions for Inter-Korean Relations" on July 24 from 2:30 pm at the IFES Grand Conference Hall.   
The event was hosted by Director Lee Kwan-sei. As the presenter, Prof. Hwang Ji-hwan of Seoul City University commented that in regards to US-DPRK negotiations "complete denuclearization will be concluded in a concerted manner but there is a possibility that the process will take a three-stages big deal format through fulfilment of conditions and sequence of exchanges to guarantee the fulfillment of agreements." He added, "as the big deal may be difficult to achieve, there is a chance for a consideration of restructuring the deals by combining small deals in stages as an alternative strategy or options."
Choi Yong-hwan INSS research fellow commented on inter-Korean relations, "once the denuclearization issue is resolved, inter-Korean issue must be reexamined... as the Korean people must be able to see the achievements in the political situations in the Korean peninsula since 2018, and only then it can contribute to the sustainable improvements in inter-Korean relations." 
As a discussant, Lee Jeong-chul, Professor at Soongsil University commented that considering the US presidential election schedule and the time required for the denuclearization, the final top-down negotiations is likely to take place before November.
Kim Dong-yop, a professor at IFES said, "For the development of inter-Korean relations to contribute to the improvement of relations between North Korea and the United States, peace on the Korean peninsula and denuclearization, requires a more leading and creative approach." He commented that we need to pay attention to what kind of message will be conveyed in President Moon Jae-in's Liberation Day address.