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Title 128th IFES International Scholars Invitational Seminar Held
Date 2019.02.13
Type [News]
Please find the attached presentation file.

The 128th IFES International Scholars Invitational Seminar was held on February 12, 2019 at the Grand Conference Room of IFES. 

Professor Sang-man Lee moderated the seminar and Professor Yulan Xu from Yanbian University gave a presentation on the "Inter-Korean Broadcast Exchanges: Current Status and Future Prospects." 

Professor Yulan Xu explained that there is a growing attention on the need for inter-Korean broadcasting exchange with the changing political environment in the Korean peninsula. Furthermore, she elaborated on the critical role the broadcasting made during the German reunification process and China-Taiwan exchange and cooperation and the implication it has for the current North-South relations. 

Professor Yulan Xu emphasized in order to cooperate through the broadcasting exchanges between the two Koreas, cooperation must start gradually in a step-by-step process starting with the broadcasting-related human exchange, restoring the national homogeneity through overcoming the ideological difference and find a way to integrate and complement the different broadcasting systems between the two Koreas.