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Title IFES Academy of Korean Unification Economy Alumni Association Workshop
Date 2019.02.11
Type [News]
“IFES Academy of Korean Unification Economy” Alumni Association Workshop was held on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at the Institute’s Jongsan Hall.

The workshop began with a special lecture on “The Prospects and Challenges of the Second US-DPRK Summit” by Jeong Se-hyun, Director of the Korea Peace Forum and the former Unification Minister. With the second summit approaching, Director Jeong explained the external challenges for the establishment of peace on the Korean peninsula, among other topics. Following the special lecture, a meeting was held between the members of the alumni association including the graduates of the Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Academy, the forerunner of the Academy of Korean Unification Economy. Various topics were discussed including the establishment of the alumni association, future exchanges between graduates of the Academy of Korean Unification Economy and the Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation, and  various study and research projects related to the changing inter-Korean relations to be supported by IFES in the future. 

The event concluded with a performance by Myeong Sung-hee, a pop-opera singer from North Korea, in which she sang “Longing for Mount Kumgang,” among other songs.

IFES opened the 'Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Academy', the first program in Korea to foster experts in inter-Korean economic cooperation in 1999 and have produced over 2,000 graduates thus far. In 2014, the Academy of Korean Unification Economy was established replacing the Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Academy.

IFES is accepting applications for the next cohort until the end of February for the 7th Academy of Korean Unification Economy, which will start on March 7th.