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Title 128th IFES International Scholars Invitational Seminar (2019.2.12)
Date 2019.01.25
Type [Event]

128th IFES International Scholars Invitational Seminar 


Theme:       Inter-Korean Broadcast Exchanges: Current Status and Future Prospects
Date:          February 12, 2019 (Tuesday), 2 p.m.
Venue:        Grand Conference Room, Pyeonghwagwan of IFES
Organizer:    IFES
Moderator:   Professor Sang-man Lee (Professor of IFES, Kyungnam University)
Presenter:    Professor Yulan Xu (Deputy Dean of Center for North and South Korea
                   Studies and Professor of Journalism, Yanbian University)

*  Presentation will be conducted in Korean.
** IFES International Scholars Invitational Seminar is an event organized for visiting international scholars at IFES to present their research.

Presenter's Bio:

Prof. Yulan Xu is a professor of journalism, deputy director of Asia Research Center and the Center for North Korea and South Korea Studies in the Institute of Korean Peninsula Studies of Yanbian University. Previously, she served as research professor at Fudan University and visiting researcher at Chonnam National University and the Institute of Communication Research of Seoul National University.