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Title Experts on Korean Peninsula from Japan Visits IFES for a Closed-Door Meeting
Date 2019.01.23
Type [News]
Experts on Korean Peninsula from Japan Visits IFES for a Closed-Door Meeting
Date: January 22, 2019
Place: Grand Conference Room, Pyeonghwagwan

Experts on Korean peninsula from Japan visited the Institute on the morning of January 22, 2019 and a meeting was held with the IFES faculty.
At this meeting, experts from both sides exchanged opinions on the theme of the Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s Address of 2019, the second US-DPRK summit, Northeast Asia regional politics and South Korea-Japan relations.
Director Lee Kwan-se presented his views on the analysis of Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s Address and prospects for inter-Korean relations in 2019. This was followed by Prof. Kim Dong-yeop's North Korean nuclear issue, and US-DPRK relations, Prof. Lim Eul-chul’s North Korean economy, Prof. Lee Sang-man’s Sino-DPRK relations, Prof. Moon Yong-il’s US-China relations, and Prof. Cho Jin-gu’s ROK-Japan relations analysis.

Experts on Korean issue from Japan presented their views. The group consisted of Professor Emeritus Masao Okonogi of Keio University, Prof. Hajime Izumi of Tokyo International University, Mr. Hirai Hisashi of Kyodo News, Prof. Hiraiwa Shunji of Nanzan University and Prof. Nishino Junya of Keio University.
In particular, discussions focused mainly on the possibility of denuclearization of North Korea and US countermeasures, mitigating economic sanctions on North Korea, possibility of resolving various “North Korea” issues within the President Donald Trump’s term, and the direction of Moon Jae-in government's Korean Peninsula policy.

At this meeting, not only the changing situation of the Korean Peninsula including the North Korean and the inter-Korean relations were discussed, but also opinions about Korea-Japan relations and the public opinion in Korea and Japan were exchanged.
For several years now, IFES continually holds closed-door meetings with Korea experts from Japan, organized by the Japan Institute for International Affairs (JIIA) early every year.