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Title Accepting Applications for the 7th “IFES Academy of Korean Unification Economy”
Date 2019.01.22
Type [News]
Title:    Accepting Applications for the 7th “IFES Academy of Korean Unification Economy”

In Kim Jung Un’s 2019 New Year’s speech, he emphasized building economy domestically, and reiterated his will to improve relations with both South Korea and the US. Additionally on January 8th, he paid a surprise visit to China’s Xi Jinping, and took part in their 4th summit, all while the 2nd North Korean-US summit is expected to be imminent. In President Moon Jae-In’s New Year’s press conference, he expressed a strong will to resume inter-Korean economic cooperation, stressing that it could be the groundbreaking catalyst needed to revitalize the economy. There will likely be ups-and-downs, but it seems the Korean peninsula is on the verge of a great change. Preparing for post-sanctions inter-Korean economic cooperation seems more important than ever. As such, the Institute for Far Eastern Studies (IFES) looks to open its 7th class of the 3 month program, “IFES Academy of Korean Unification Economy” beginning on March 7th.
In 1999, the institute launched the “Academy of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation,” the first program to train experts on the subject, and throughout the years saw over 2,000 participants complete the program. Since 2014, the institute has been running the succession of the “Academy of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation,” the “IFES Academy of Korean Unification Economy.” The Academy of Korean Unification Economy has been a consistently upgraded educational program and invites the most well renowned experts on North Korea to use knowledge understanding of North Korea as a basis to search for practical measures to prepare for North Korea’s entrance into the economy. Concluding 6 Classes and graduating over 200 students so far, the “IFES Academy for Korean Unification” not only focuses on inter-Korean economic cooperation, but also inter-Korean economic integration, and preparing for a new era of Northeast Asian economic cooperation, preparing a high quality program that has received massive support from previous participants.
In this class’ curriculum, we will focus on looking at North Korea’s current economy and the change in the environment of inter-Korean economic cooperation, while looking at cases of recent investments in North Korea and explaining in-depth the reality and issues of economic cooperation going forward. Topics that will additionally be covered include the virtuous cycle relationship between peace and economy, US-Chinese relations, and the Korean peninsula’s peace regime’s economic unification. Starting with adventurous entrepreneurs who can lead the economic unification in the era of peace on the peninsula, and including public workers, judicial officers, and members of social organizations, we encourage participation from any and all who are interested.

Application Guideline
1. Number of Applicants Accepted
Around 50
2. Target Applicants
Various levels of Institution or organization’s business executives, staff members, or policy planners, as well as anyone interested in inter-Korean economic cooperation.
3. Program Schedule
From March 7, 2019 until May 23, 2019 (Every Thursday, 7-9 PM)
4. Application Period
Beginning from January 16, 2019 (Wed.), until February 28,2019 (Thur.)
5. Application Materials and Screening Process
Application Materials:
-Enrollment Application Form – Form download:  http://ifes.kyungnam.ac.kr
-Verification Photo – Attach Picture File Inside the Application
-Submit documents to: alimseo@kyungnam.ac.kr
Screening Process:
Individual Notification to those who have submitted both the application form and the tuition deposit.
6. Class Location
Kyungnam University Institute for Far Eastern Studies (IFES) [Located in Samcheong-dong, Seoul]
7. Tuition
. \800,000
. Account Number: Korea Post 014233-01-003500, Account Holder: Kyungnam University
8. Student Benefits
. Provides an opportunity to share experiences and Information with entrepreneurs and experts on inter-Korean trade and economic cooperation.
. Provides materials related to North Korea’s economy, inter-Korean economic cooperation, and North Korea’s general state of affairs.
. Invitations to the Institute for Far Eastern Studies various seminars and academic conferences.
. Provides an opportunity to participate in various seminars and information sessions with North Korea
9. Inquiries: ☏ 02) 3700-0708, 0709 / FAX 3700-0707 

Lecture Date Lecture Title Lecturer
Lecture 1 March 7, 2019 (Keynote Lecture)
How to Ensure the Virtuous Cycle of Peace and Economy on the Korean Peninsula
LEE, Jong-seok
Senior Research Fellow
Sejong Institute
(Former Minister of Unification)
Lecture 2 March 14, 2019 US-Chinese Relations and the Peace Regime of the Korean Peninsula KIM, Han-kwon
IFANS (Institue of Foreign Affairs and National Security)
Lecture 3 March 21, 2019 Current state of North Korea’s Economy and the Shift in the Pursuit of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation YANG, Moon Su
University of North Korean Studies
Lecture 4 March 28, 2019 Case Study of Investment in North Korea 1:
Investment of Foreign Capital in North Korea
LIM, Eul Chul
Institute for Far Eastern Studies,
Kyungnam University
Lecture 5 Apr. 4, 2019 Case Study of Investment in North Korea 2:
Investment of Chinese Capital in North Korea
PARK, Jong Chul
Gyeongsang National University
Lecture 6 Apr. 11, 2019 Case Study of Investment in North Korea 3:
Investment of South Korean Capital in North Korea
YUK, Jae-hui
Executive Directore
Halla Group
Lecture 7 Apr. 18, 2019 Case Study of Investment in North Korea 4:
Things to know about North Korea’s Laws for Attracting Foreign Capital
NAM, Oh-yeon
Representative Attorney
Chungho Partners
Lecture 8 Apr. 25, 2019 Case Study of Investment in North Korea 5:
Sanctions Against North Korea and Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation
LEE, Joo Hyoung
Kim & Chang
Lecture 9 May 2, 2019 Focus on Cooperation with North Korea 1:
Railroads and Highways
AHN, Byung-min
Senior Research Fellow
Korea Transport Institute
Lecture 10 May 9, 2019 Focus on Cooperation with North Korea 2:
Science and Technology
CHOI, Hyun-gyu
Director General for Policy Planning
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI)
Lecture11 May 16, 2019 Focus on Cooperation with North Korea 3:
BAEK, Cheon-ho
Senior Executive
Hyundai Asan
Lecture 12 May 23, 2019 Lessons to be Learned from Previous Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation
(Completion Ceremony)
LEE, Kwan-sei
IFES, Kyungnam University
(Former Vice-Minister of Unification)
* Schedule may be subject to change.