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Title 『Report on the Korean Peninsula: Evaluating 2018 and Prospects of 2019』Published
Date 2019.01.10
Type [News]

As North Korea’s willingness and demand for regime security and economic development increase, the US is continuing efforts to solve the North Korean nuclear issue through negotiations, and Korea is actively coming forward to establish its peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, the Kyungnam University’s Institute for Far Eastern Studies (IFES) predicted that “2019 will be a turning point for the resolution of the North Korean Nuclear Issue” on December 19, 2018.
In “Report on the Korean Peninsula: Evaluating 2018 and Prospects of 2019” that the institute published on this day, it was predicted that “2019 is an extremely important year for North Korea as they prepare for the 8th Workers’ Party Congress (estimated for 2021), celebrating 75 years since the party’s foundation in 2020 and the success of the 5 year plan for economic development.”
However as there are limitations to the economic results North Korea can obtain through solely their own efforts, and not succeeding in regime security or reviving the economy would have a large effect on the Kim regime, it was determined likely that North Korea would actively and aggressively pursue foreign policy to ease or lift entirely the economic sanctions currently burdening them.
The institute proposed that “North and South Korea need to become the parties in focus and take control of issues on the Korean Peninsula,” and that “there is a need for acceleration of the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, and there needs to be an international environment that promotes strategic synergy between China, the US, and Korea.”