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Title 127th IFES International Scholars Invitational Seminar (2018.12.21)
Date 2019.01.10
Type [Event]
IFES, Kyungnam University held the 127th IFES Invitational Scholars Seminar on Friday, December 21st in the Pyonghwa Kwan Grand Conference Room.
Professor Jin-Gu Cho (IFES, Kyungnam University) moderated this seminar in which Nakagawa Masahiko (Visiting professor, IFES, Kyungnam University) was invited to give a lecture on the subject of “North Korean Business Groups.”
Nakagawa Masahiko, after graduating from the political science department at Waseda University and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies graduate school, where he studied area studies, has been a member of the Asian Economic Research Institute since 1991. He is also working as the head researcher at the East Asian Economic Group and is regarded as a leading expert in the field of North Korean economic research in Japan