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Contact Us
Administrative Management Eun Mi Ryu (rem6707@kyungnam.ac.kr) contact
Finance and accounting Myung-Sook Kim (mykim@kyungnam.ac.kr) contact
Finance and accounting Byeong Hee Choi (choibh@kyungnam.ac.kr) contact
Administration and Secretarial work for the President Daeun Jung (daeun@kyungnam.ac.kr) contact
Secretarial work for the President Heeyeon Kim (heeyeon@kyungnam.ac.kr) contact
Library operations and manage memberships In Jeong Cho (minju@kyungnam.ac.kr) contact
Manage homepage and information Young Hwan Mo (mozel73@kyungnam.ac.kr) contact
Organiazing international conference and managing international exchage Alim Seo (alimseo@kyungnam.ac.kr) contact