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Research Staff

researcher information
Name Soo-In Park
Tel 02-3700-0828 E-mail parksooenn@kyungnam.ac.kr
Affiliation Position Research Professor of Kyungnam University
1995.03.- 2000. 02 Department of Political Science, Seoul National University (B.A.)
2000.03.- 2003. 08 Department of Political Science, Graduate School, Seoul National University (M.A.)
2003.09.- 2006. 06. Political science, University of Washington, (M.A.)
2003.09.- 2014. 08. Political science, University of Washington, (Ph.D.)

2014.10.-2015.02. Researcher, Institute for Korean Political Studies, Seoul National University
2015.03- Assistant professor in charge of research, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Kyungnam University