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Research Staff

researcher information
Name Jeong-Jin Park
Tel 02-3700-0730 E-mail jjpark@kyungnam.ac.kr
Affiliation Position Vice Director
최근관심분야 및 연구동향
Politics and Unification

2009.09.-2012.02. North Korea Studies, Doctorate of Philosophy, University of North Korean Studies (Ph.D.)
2008.09.-2009.05. Educational Leadership, Graduate School of Education, Fordham University (Ph.D. Candidate)
2005.08.-2007.05. Masters of Public Administration, Fairleigh Dickinson University (M.A.)
1999.06.-1999.07. Brown University, Summer ESL Course, USA
1998.03.-2002.02. Department of Linguistics, College of Liberal Arts, Korea University (B.A.)

2018.02.-Present Kyungnam University, Seoul Vice President
2013.03.-Present Associate professor at Kyungnam University, Department of Political Science and Diplomacy
2014.03.-2018.02. Vice Director of IFES
2009.07.-2013.02. Lecturer, researcher, and assistant professor at IFES
2007.10.-2009.05. Director of Korean Studies Program in Fairleigh Dickinson University
2005.09.-2007.04. Fairleigh Dickinson University, Internship as a Part of Scholarship
2004.08.-2005.07. Visiting Scholar at IFES