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Research Staff

researcher information
Name Ouellette Dean
Tel 02-3700-0706 E-mail ouellett@kyungnam.ac.kr
Affiliation Position Vice Director / Director of International Affairs
최근관심분야 및 연구동향
• North Korean tourism; NGO assistance in DPRK; inter-Korean relations; engagement, cooperation, peacebuilding

PhD, North Korean Studies, University of North Korean Studies, Seoul, Korea (July 2011)
Masters, North Korean Studies (Sociology), Kyungnam University, Korea (December 2003)
 Awarded for outstanding contribution to the Graduate School
Bachelor of Education, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada (May 1996)

Vice Director, Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University
March 2018 ~ present
Associate Professor, Kyungnam University (Dept. of Politics and Diplomacy)
March 2016 ~ present
Director of International Affairs, Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University
February 2017 ~ present
Assistant Professor, Kyungnam University (Dept. of Politics and Diplomacy)
March 2012 ~ February 2016
Assistant to the University President (External Affairs), Kyungnam University
March 2013 ~ present
Researcher, Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University
March 2001 ~ February 2012


Main Publications
2018. “North Korean Migrant Workers and China’s Employment Permit System and Labor Law.” (in Korean) (Korean Association of Social Security Law) Sahoebeobyeongu [Journal of Social Security Law] 35 (August), pp. 125–161. (co-author, Sooyeon Lee)
2017. North Korean Tourism: Plans, Propaganda, People, Peace. Seoul: IFES, Kyungnam University. http://ifes.kyungnam.ac.kr/kor/PUB/PUB_0101V.aspx?code=BKS180303_0001 
2016. “The Tourism of North Korea in the Kim Jong-un Era: Propaganda, Profitmaking, and Possibilities for Engagement.” Pacific Focus 31(3) (December), 421–451. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/pafo.12084/full
2013. “North Korea’s Perception of Multilateralism.” Hyeondaebukhanyeongu [Review of North Korean Studies] 16(3) (December), 145–213. http://ifes.kyungnam.ac.kr/kor/INT/INT_0404V.aspx?code=USR1021_000350&type=liSite
2013. “Building Trust in Inter-Korean Relations: A Role for Renewable Energy?” Korean Journal of International Studies 11(2) (December), 327–353. http://www.kjis.org/journal/view.html?uid=123&&vmd=Full
2013. “Building Trust on the Margins of Inter-Korean Relations: Revitalizing the Role of South Korean NGOs.” International Journal of Korean Unification Studies 22(2), 115–142. http://lib.kinu.or.kr//wonmun/003/003/035/0001477375.pdf
2011. DPRK-US Relations and the North Korean Nuclear Crises: Cohabitant Multilateral Institutions. PhD diss., University of North Korean Studies, July.
2010. North Korea: Development, Human Rights, and Democracy. Seoul: IFES. (coauthor, North Korea Modernization Research Group)
2009. “Human Resource Development and International Cooperation.” In Phillip H. Park, ed., The Dynamics of Change in North Korea. Seoul: IFES. (co-author, Jong Dae Shin) http://ifes.kyungnam.ac.kr/kor/PUB/PUB_0101V.aspx?code=BKS1010_000469
2003. A Major Role for Minor Actors: NGOs and the Opening of North Korea. Master’s thesis, Kyungnam University, December.
2003. “Tackling DPRK’s Nuclear Issue through Multilateral Cooperation in the Energy Sector.” Nautilus Institute PFO 03-33, May 27. (co-author, Su-Hoon Lee) http://oldsite.nautilus.org/archives/fora/security/0333_LeeandOuellette.html

Conference Presentations
2018. “The Socialist Tourism of North Korea: Changing Colors.” Presentation at Pan Asia International Tourism Conference 2018, July 4~6, Seoul, Korea.
2016. “Tourism of North Korea.” Presentation at the Korean Association of North Korean Studies Conference, June 17, Daejeon, Korea.
2015. “The United States and Korean Unification.” Panelist of 2015 Korea Global Forum, November 10, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC, USA.
2015. “The Tourism of North Korea.” Presentation at the 2nd World Conference on North Korean Studies, October 13~14, Seoul, Korea.
2015. “The Kim Jong Un Regime and Tourism.” Presentation at the Korea Global Forum 2015: 70 Years of Division: The Role of the EU for the Future of the Korean Peninsula—Learning after 25 Years of German Reunification, October 1, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.
2012. “Energy Crisis and Its Impact on North Korea: Economy, Security, and Military.” Presentation at International Conference on Energy Cooperation and Building Peace on the Korean Peninsula, October 17, Seoul, Korea.
2008. “The Six-Party Talks and Dismantlement of North Korea’s Nuclear Programs.” Presentation at the International Conference on Reducing the Threat of WMD through the Global Partnership, February 1, Seoul, Korea. (co-author, Su-Hoon Lee)

Organized international conferences  
●Changes in North Korea: New Economic Strategy and People’s Livelihoods, Seoul, Korea, June 21, 2018
●The North Korea–China Relationship: Evolution, Interdependence, and the Frontier, Seoul, Korea, November 29, 2017
●Doing Business in North Korea: Modernization and New Consumerism, Seoul, Korea, June 14, 2017
●North Korea and International Sanctions, Seoul, Korea, June 15, 2016
●North Korea’s ‘Jangmadang’ New Generation: Who Are They and What Is Their Impetus for Change? Seoul, Korea, June 23, 2015
●Doing Business in North Korea: Finance and Business in the DPRK, Seoul, Korea, June 10, 2015
●Doing Business in North Korea: Opportunities and Challenges, Seoul, Korea, January 28, 2015
●North Korea’s Development Capacity and International Cooperation for Knowledge Sharing—Gender, Agriculture, and Tourism Perspectives, Seoul, Korea, June 11, 2014
●Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing with North Korea: Past Successes and Future Prospects, Seoul, Korea, June 12, 2013

●Managing Editor, Asian Perspective (Mar. 2017~present)
●Assistant Editor, Asian Perspective (Mar. 2012~Feb. 2017)